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   The Drowned Girl


A Summerfield and Kent Mystery



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By ancient law, any suspicious death within twelve miles of Her Majesty comes under the purview of the Coroner to the Queen’s Household—a post held by the enigmatic Sir Walter Summerfield. But when a body is pulled from the Thames at Windsor, Sir Walter, most wisely, sends A. E. Summerfield to investigate in his stead.

With the senior surgeon ill, it falls to Mr. James Kent, assistant surgeon at St. Luke’s College Hospital, to perform the post-mortem examination—a routine matter… until Mr. Kent finds himself working with a lady—and over a half-naked female corpse, at that!

Shock turns to concern. The dead girl on his slab deserves justice. And in no time, Mr. Kent finds himself assisting the indomitable Miss A. E. Summerfield to discover who the girl is, why no one is desperately searching for her, and how she came to be floating in the Thames.

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